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The new wrinkle removal kit is working wonders for women all over Nigeria. We have hundreds of real user testimonials & results.

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Oma Kristie Okafor

Very exceptional product. Works like magic. I recommend it for all men and women trying to slow quick aging, wrinkle, eyes bag, eye sag. And general skin firmness. I use it and I was amazed at the result I got. The delivery time is also on point and their staff is general friendly and professional.

Kristie Nzeamalu Okafor

Oma Kristie Okafor

Very effective product, recommended for every woman. Their efficiency in delivery n service to customers is the best, I've not used it up to one month but their is a great change.....My fellow women try n testify

Joy Gemini Udeozor

Oma Kristie Okafor

Is so beautiful, in less than a week the result was obvious on me in such a way that people were commenting. I love it Please maintain the quality .

Meg Anyaibe

Don't just believe us... take it from our customers who have been getting amazing and very powerful results with out anti-aging solutions since 2016. In Nigeria, we've been at the forefront of the skin care & beauty industry providing most affordable solution for wrinkle removal that actually works.

We have thousands of customers ranging from wives of top politicians, doctors, bankers, business women and ordinary ladies. Your status and class doesn't matter because our product is very affordable regardless. 

With us... you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands to millions of naira for risky surgeries just to maintain your youth, you don't have to deal with quack skin care product made with harsh chemicals that may burn your skin and you don't have to struggle with costly make-up just to cover up those wrinkles.

And best part is, our products get incredible and amazing results fast, take a look at Mrs. Eunice, a 56 year old mother of 4 and a Naval officer from Anambra.

Lots of women are enjoying the power of our wrinkle removal cream, everywhere you go from Whatsapp, to Facebook to Instagram, we're getting testimonials from everywhere.

And since then, we've gone ahead to improve upon the product and make it 10x better and more powerful than it ever was.

Initially, the cream has only 2 active ingredients for anti-aging (hyaluronic acid & silk protein)  and it was just 1 cream, but now we've turned it into a full 3-in-1 kit with better active ingredients for anti-aging and wrinkle removal including hyaluronic acid, retinol, matrixyl 3000, argireline, vitamin c, snail mucus, squalene and marine kelp.

The product is 10x better right now....


Golden Age Kit

Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Removal Kit by MagicBody

Introducing the all new...



#1 anti-aging solution. Get rid of wrinkles within 3 weeks. Made with natural ingredients.

[+] 100% safe.

[+] Natural & organic

[+] No injections, pills

[+] No harmful substances

[+] hundreds of testimonials 

Original price is 25,000 naira but today... you get it 

for a special discount of 21,500 naira only

Are you ready to start looking many years younger?

The all new Golden Age Wrinkle Removal Kit now made with an advanced formula combining the most powerful active ingredients for defying aging...

Golden Age Kit stands above any other wrinkle removal and anti-aging product you'll ever come across on this planet.

When we first began in 2016, it started as just as an idea in a bottle, it was all humble... we started with only 2 major active ingredients "Silk Protein & Hyaluronic Acid" (all 100% natural  & organic)

At first, we had doubters, a lot of people didn't believe that our distinct formula can wipe years off their skin within a matter of weeks but before 3 months in, we staked our claim, I still remember Mrs. Eunice from Anambra who can't stop calling to thank us.

And every woman all the way from Enugu to Lagos to Kano started screaming "Magic Body", we became a household name in beauty & skin care.

Best part is that our product is 100% organic and as a result, there have been no reports of anybody reacting to using it, over 1 year now and none of our customers have any side effects, saying we're the best is clearly an understand, our formula is unmatched.

All of these motivated us greatly so we decided to make the product even better than before and we created...

...a new 3-in-1 kit that would be an elixir for aging and has all the best ingredients for reversing aging & removing wrinkles such as:

Hyaluronic Acid

The ultimate king of skin care, if you want to wipe years off your look, this little known substance that's produced naturally in animal skin is how you start, it's the first thing before anything else, it keeps skin moist & rejuvenated making it impossible to shrink while stimulating production of collagen... no wonder our customers see almost instant results.

Retinol (3x)

Silk protein was awesome but we discovered something 3x better & effective "Retinol", it produces more collagen much faster and it's loaded with excess of Vitamin A (something our silk protein lacked). Retinol has been there for decades and played a major role in defying aging, it's natural and hundreds of clinical trials and studies to back up it's anti-wrinkle potency.

Matrixyl 3000 (multi-peptide)

This is a new "anti-wrinkle" innovation developed by a skin care expert in Sederma and it's unique for it's long term penetration. You see other anti-aging skin creams offer a “short-term” fix for aging skin: they freeze your skin in place and minimize the production of wrinkles. They work in a similar way to Botox but are significantly less effective.

Matrixyl 3000, on the other hand, provides long term fix for aging skin. The formula uses special ingredients that boost collagen production, elastin and stimulate skin repair.

Argireline (multi-peptide)

Combining Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline in 1 solution is like releasing "a nuclear bomb of anti-aging on your skin" while Matrixyl 3000 focus on long term penetration, Argireline focuses on getting you now results by working on the skin surface to reduce wrinkles by at least 30% within the first 30 days of use.

Argireline gets you same results like botox and other cosmetic procedures without the cost and risk of surgery, injection and pills, it's safer and smoother.

Vitamin C

To top it all of for total skin goodness, we brought Vitamin C into the mix, if you don't know, Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient and potent antioxidant, it reduces skin inflammation, boosts skin hydration, wipes off irregular skin pigmentation and promotes the production of "healthier" collagen giving you a brighter, tighter skin.

Having Vitamin C in your anti-aging serum will make look like you're 20 when you're in your 40s.

Snail Mucus Extract

And finally, we blessed this exotic formulation with the king of anti-aging "Snail Slime". The use of snail mucus for anti-aging is most foremost practice in South Korea, in fact in Thailand, live snails are used in beauty spa to slow down aging and remove wrinkles. The snails are placed all over your face and allowed to slither as they naturally release their slim over your skin.

Snail slime is considered the ultimate collagen & elastin builder, it's very costly to extract but we had to make sure we added it into our formula because we wanted nothing short of the best for us.

Very easy to use


Step 1: Take a shower or wash your face with warm water to refresh and open up all your pores.

Step 2: Pat your skin to dry then apply some drops of the Youth Infusion Serum on your face and neck and massage it with your palms until it's fully absorbed by your skin (this may take 1 - 5 minutes, massage upwards).

Step 3: Scoop up a nice dose of the Anti-Aging Cream and massage onto your face and neck region and you're good to go.

Do this everyday, consistency is key.


Step 1: As usual, take your shower or use warm water to wash your face so your pores can open up.

Step 2: Pat your skin to dry then apply some drops of the Age Reversal Serum on your face and neck and massage it with your palms until it's fully absorbed by your skin (this may take 1 - 5 minutes, massage in circular motion).

Step 3: Scoop up a nice dose of the Anti-Wrinkle Cream and massage onto your face and neck region and sleep peacefully while it does it's magic.

Do this everyday, consistency is key.

Here's what the Golden Age Kit can do for you...

[+] Get rid of of age spots and hyper pigmentation

[+] Naturally remove wrinkles and all fine line

[+] Brighten up your skin color to make it glow like when you were in your 20s.


[+] Instantly slow down the aging and reverse all signs of aging such as sagging & shrinking skin

[+] Begin the production of new collagen & elastin fibers to rejuvenate your skin

[+] Penetrate deep into your tissues and moisturize your skin from inside out so your skin is always looking fresh and healthy

[+] Firm up your skin and wipe off blemishes, eye bags & dark circles

Natural & Organic

100% Safe & No Side Effects

Fast Results Guaranteed

Works on All Skin Types: oil, dry etc.

Free & Fast Delivery to Anywhere in Nigeria

No way around it, we're the best!

Our active ingredient formula is unbeatable (Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Snail Mucus & Vitamin C) and that's not all, we have even more secret ingredients in the formula such as marine kelp, squalene, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin e.

Just 1 of these ingredients alone is more than enough to remove wrinkles from your face, now imagine the combination of all 9 with some extras too?

So, Go Ahead Right Now and Order the Golden Age Wrinkle Removal Kit with Confidence

Original Price for Full Kit: 25,000 Naira

But for a limited time, we're running a special discount offer to celebrate the launch of our new kit. So today, you pay only ...

21,500 naira only

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